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Ann Hutchinson

The beauty of the world around us lead me to explore my fascination with intricate details and the geometric construction of nature and its wonders.

My inspiration comes from many things, from objects and shapes to architectural detail, and everyday life, from the finest of bird feathers to the organic structures of the world. I enjoy combining realism and surrealism through a range of mediums – from Copic markers to graphite, to pen, to acrylics, to watercolour.

Born in England, raised in Western Australia, I am a Perth based artist. I am a self- taught artist working with a variety of mediums including acrylic, pen, graphite, Copic marker and watercolour.

Growing up influenced by my mother, an artist herself, I was regularly exposed to all facets of the art world; regular trips to studios and galleries to experimenting with different art mediums and techniques.

At the age of 21, she suddenly passed away, and art took a hiatus for the next two decades. At that time, art was a painful reminder of my loss. An ever encouraging husband and beautiful daughter eventually got me to the point of recommencing what I love and makes me happy – art.

Art drops the load of everyday routine and now know my guardian angel sits beside me.

A variety of pieces have been exhibited in multiple art competitions throughout the state and have been featured in group exhibitions at Studio 281 in Maylands, Western Australia.


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