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Jim Chen

Jim seems to keep exploring something new, something unknown and something of his own and will never stop. People may feel confused about what he is doing but he just goes straight on. They wonder if Jim is involved in too many types and styles of art he may not be able to develop his own style much further. However, courageous and challenging, Jim is never satisfied with the present. His endless pursuit of art demonstrates the philosophical concepts of life quality as well as life experience.


Jim Chen is a Chinese-Australian artist from Sydney. He is well-known in China for his work, regularly exhibiting in art and publishing sought-after books.

He started his career in a remote part of north-eastern China as part of the renowned Chinese art movement known as the Great Northern Wilderness Etching Group. During this period his prints show how he became attuned to the natural environment.

When he returned to his home city of Ningbo he branched out into painting and drawing, becoming well-known for his oil paintings, drawings and cartoons in the city’s daily newspaper.

In Australia, he has built on his artistic foundations from his early career by exploring remote and not so remote places throughout this continent.

His paintings and photographs are windows that highlight the beauty in scenes often ignored. The viewer can look back through this window and understand how a perceptive eye bonds with this country and unites different cultures.

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