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Lynne Charles

Painting is a place of freedom for me where there are no expectations it is just limitless possibilities. It is a place where I can trust being vulnerable. I am an Art Therapist so I use it as a place to explore my emotions.

Creativity gives my life meaning it brings together all I have learnt in life. I have spent my life observing people through my work and through study. I believe we are creatively stifled by conformity. Creativity is a unique way of being in the world. So I get great pleasure having a place where I don’t have to conform, I think it is the rebel in me

I work intuitively the seasons and nature inspires a lot of my work. I randomly choose the initial colours and as they take form I work with the shapes and movement of the initial application it informs me from then on. I work mostly with watercolour.

I hope my art encourages you to Celebrate what speaks to you, what inspires you, what you resonate with. Find the beauty in the individual, the different the not so ordinary what is unique to you treasure what you care about and bring it to the world. Celebrate your humanness and make your own mark on the world. as set design in a French film.


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