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Anthony Van Lam

The stylistic, expressive paintings of Australian artist Anthony Van Lam are as tranquil and magical as they are profound. Working in mix media on canvas or on paper, he paints from a range of subject matter to explore how lines, colours, organic shapes, flowers, animals and surface patterns intersect in unique ways to create form. With a background in fashion design, the artist has an excellent sense of composition and is able to place objects expertly in the picture plane, finding new meanings in familiar subject by isolating them and manipulating forms in terms of scale, color, and shadow.

Known for his bold and colourful designs in fashion, Anthony’s paintings reveal his true passion for flowers that are immediately eye-catching. His current works capture exotic water lilies in a perfume lake. Elegantly depicted, they offer tranquility, calmness and allow you to leave your stresses behind when you look at one of his artworks. Perhaps the hallmark of Anthony Van Lam’s work is his remarkable use of color and the way he is able to manipulate light and shadow to bring his work to an entirely new level.

Indeed, there is an ethereal component to his work, a sense of the surreal. In the end, these engaging paintings encourage us to find the magical in the everyday.

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