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Arvee Gibson

Gibson was born on July,13th 1993, In Penrith. Sydney Australia. They are Philippino Australian. Their work draws inspiration from eastern and western art such as tattoo flash and manga.

Arvee Gibson is an Australian artist based in Western Sydney. A Digital and Traditional Artist with a focus in Surface Design.

“As an artist, I’m invested in creating work that allows people to see themselves reflected back at them. Whether it is a simple pattern or an illustration. Art making is an aesthetic language, and it’s important to speak it. This Quote from Queen Victoria illustrates why: “Beware of Artists, They Mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous.”

I’m a Multiracial Artist that’s Queer. I’ve only seen myself reflected in the margins. Taking up space with high visibility is important when self-erasure becomes the only way to advance in life, or in some cases the only way to exist.


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