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Christine Read

I am English by birth but after leaving the UK at the age of three, I have become a citizen of the world and have been fortunate to have travelled widely, enjoying the art and cultures of different countries while being a proud Australian.

Art has been a passion for my whole life, I studied Art and Art History at first level at high school and I have undertaken many workshops and classes over the years. Life led me to have a career in medicine while continuing to draw, paint and silkscreen print textiles. Due to my job which included international travel, I explored and studied both modern and ancient art experientially at the source.

Now retired, I create full time, painting in acrylics, oils and gouache. I take delight in presenting the world in unusual ways; I am known for creating ‘fantasy’ still life paintings in a landscape. This will often include beautiful objets d’art, native and exotic flowers and birds in vibrant colours. I like to create a ‘narrative’ for the viewer to discover.

As a member of an arts collective in a rural community, my passion is also to help others to discover their creativity and so run classes, workshops and art retreats. I take groups regularly to France and England to enjoy the art of the masters and experience new cultures. My desire is to experience the beauty of human creativity and to share it with others.


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