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Pippa Backler is a Perth based multi-disciplinarian artist. Her style reflects her long and successful career as a branding designer in the fashion and print industry, with carefully thought out shapes/compositions & bright colour palettes.

Pippa has worked with clients such as the U.S Consulate, Commonwealth, Water Corporation, and Western Power, illustrated a TV commercial featured on SBS and painted murals both locally and internationally.

“Growing up in South Africa my childhood was peppered with sights and sounds from across the continent and the many cultures and traditions it holds dear. There is no part of Africa that is not bold, colourful, vibrant and magical. Everything from its magnificent flora and fauna, music in every language, folklore, witchdoctors, traditional masks and fabrics played a huge part in influencing my art, not only in my childhood but for my entire career!

My work is bright, and bold, holding fast to the truth that there is no colour pallet that does not work in nature. I love how fabulous a Philippine Hanging Parrot looks in its bold, clashing primary colours, and yet the subtle pastel tones of a Lilac-Breasted Roller are just as awe-inspiring.

As an artist, I gravitate toward projects that reflect the vast beauty there is to be found in nature. My work focuses heavily on flora and fauna and the environments they inhabit. With each design I dedicate extensive time and research their food source, surrounding areas as well as how they connect to their surrounding environment as a whole.”

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