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Girija Kulkarni

Girija is an artist by mind and birth… Even before she could do math she had a better grasp of the addition of colours and their outcomes. Girija was born and brought up in the western Indian city of Pune which is blessed by many artistic traditions. Girija completed her formal education in a reputed college of Arts in western, India and graduated in Commercial Arts. Although she is very much comfortable in all mediums like oil, water, acrylic and digital authoring suites like Adobe Illustrator and Flash, she prefers to find solace in fine art authored by human hands.

Girija worked as a visualizer in Graphical Media industry in Pune and Bangalore before returning full time to her passion of creating visually stunning artefacts of art. She firmly believes in rendering the figures and forms present in her mind in abstract form to a more concrete physical medium in various art forms and styles. There are no restrictions of any shape any colour or medium to use when you are an artist with an artful mind! Girija uses watercolours, acrylics, oil, pen, pencil, ink, pestles anything which can paint on paper, canvas, wood, fabric, cardboard, glass, wall any surface like these! Girija revels in the materializing the Chaotic Collage from her mind onto her canvas where it becomes tranquil as it acquires definite shape and colour. No matter what is the medium or what is the surface Girija loves to paint nature in various forms! You will find people, birds, flowers and many more natural elements in her artworks.


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