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Sillier Than Sally

Hello, Hello! Welcome to Sillier Than Sally Land (the alter ego of Sally Walsh), this delightful world of mine is a whimsical, candy-coloured wonderland. Clamouring with fun, joyful and whimsical watercolour creatures of all shapes, sizes and fluffiness levels. It’s been said my art is – “a glimpse into a world of rainbow-filled dreams” & “confetti coloured imagery that wraps your heart in happiness.”

Watercolours captured my heart a few years ago, and ever since, bright, happy, loose and engaging watercolour art has flowed out of me. My art themes run from fluffy birds to florals, to cute nursery art, to ethereal ladies, to the animal kingdom.

With my art, I always hope to capture an enchanting & endearing moment, one that smiles educing and brings out our inner, warm and fuzzy feelings. My watercolour style is loose and vibrant, filled with contrasting pockets of realism and blobettes (yes, that is totally a made-up word), that along with my “always draw outside the lines” mentality, I am able to breathe a unique life & vitality into my creations.

My rainbow-coloured art days started way back in childhood, and my creative life journey has also included working as a Graphic Designer in an advertising agency and working in animation for Disney on major feature films like Bambi 2 & Brother Bear 2.

Officially Licensed