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Vinaya Muralidharan

I am Vinaya, a watercolour artist based in Sydney.

I am from India and the colours of the country greatly influence my work. My love for gold, patterns and romanticism is evident in my work. I like to keep it light, happy and fresh or moody depending upon what I feel that day. I have been creating artwork since a kid but it’s only been two years that I’ve stumbled upon this absolutely ethereal medium of watercolours.

Watercolour is the medium in which I can express myself well coz it’s so beautifully translucent. Having said that, I move between various mediums from time to time to keep things fresh creatively.

I enjoy painting florals that talk the language of romance and also enjoy abstracts that have solid lines and shapes. My paintings are an extension of what I am feeling and they all tell a story. A spring day, a lonely bird, angst and love, it’s all there for you to see.

With my art, I want the viewer to feel good.. the kind of happiness you feel when the sun hits your neck on a cold winter day.

I now live in Sydney with my dear husband and my very naughty 2year old. I sell original art and also conduct workshops.


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